Contemporary Exterior Reno

Location: Fairfield, CT

We can’t believe it has been nearly a year already since we completed this exterior renovation project. We just recently had it photographed, and are so excited to finally reveal the inspiration and process behind this beautiful and unique home.


Contemporary style homes by nature are evolutionary, meaning they change and grow as we do, constantly adapting to what’s new, intriguing, and trending in the world of home design. That is exactly what happened with this home when we were awarded the project. Collaborating with the owners, the goal was to bring this 1977 built home into the 21st century with a new elevated space.


We maintained the contemporary style of the existing home by keeping it modern, with a new exterior design featuring unobtrusive, clean lines. To give this home even more dimension and character, we added in some layers of natural materials. Below is a look at the before and after.

"This project was a very exciting one for us to take on. It forced us to push our creative boundaries." - Eric DeLaurentis

It started with a few rounds of sketches and careful revisions. Below is a look at the final sketch of the future look, which the owners immediately fell in love with. The vertical siding look was upheld but modified with newer low-maintenance material. Some on-trend metal roofing was incorporated into the design as well as stone facades, new windows, doors, lighting, and roofing.


"The layering of materials gave this home the dimension needed to highlight all of the incredible character on its expansive façade." - Jennifer DeLaurentis

Photo Credit: Landino Photo